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Hi Folks,              


This website was built using XSitePro software.   For more on XSitePro, click here:


I found that XSitePro was simple for beginners to learn , yet has a powerful array of tools for the experienced user. 


My primary focus is to provide TURNKEY SOLUTIONS for building or expanding your web based business, using niche WEBSITE TEMPLATES of all kinds.


If you’re a stay-at-home mom (or dad) and have a skill that you can sell to many people or you have a business with products that you want to sell to others online, to generate extra streams of income, I can help you get started.   


On the site map page of each template, there is a partial article relating to that niche.

The full article will be available for a small charge.   


Enough chatter. Click on the  XSitePro Templates link to see what's available and check out the various niches to see what tickles your fancy. Then put in your order and let me help you build or expand your business.  


Have fun out there.   


Carl A. Goodnight 


P.S.  If you want to get in touch, for any reason, please send an

          e-mail to:  State

          your needs and we will get back to you.